At Dalcorp Solutions Inc., we strive to provide innovative solutions for all your networking needs. Our objective is to provide high quality work at affordable prices - no matter the budget. Our customers receive fair and equal treatment with the highest level of integrity and work ethic.

Working with the best low voltage wiring contractors for your next commercial networking or residential project means the difference between smooth operations and malfunction hassles. Low voltage wiring is a circulatory system for any home or business, and the technology connectivity of your home cannot function without it.

The wiring professionals at Dalcorp Solutions deliver low voltage wiring installation services to keep your systems operating at maximum power and efficiency.  With exceptional technical skill, code expertise, and personalized customer service, we are a leader in the Chicago area for wiring Internet, phone service, fiber optics, voice, data, and video systems.

Local Business Values, World-Class Services - Dalcorp Solutions Inc. - Keeps You Connected

Your system’s operational capacity relies on flawless installation, and our professional services pack a punch:

Multi-Purpose Services: Our wide variety of services cater to any residential or commercial project. From WiFi installation for enterprise companies to Internet wiring for new homes, our friendly techs can do it all. We’re even a certified Wilson Electronics dealer for Cell Signal Boosters, the leading signal booster in the country.
Learn more about our wide range of voice, data, and video wiring services, from phone to Internet to fiber optics.

Budget-Conscious: We cater to a wide variety of budgets, offering the best quality at your budget point.

State-of-the-Art Technology: We are fully up-to-date and install only the best equipment and software for every project.

One-Year Warranty: We’re proud of our work, and automatically offer a one-year warranty on all projects in addition to any existing manufacturer warranties.

Licensed: We are fully licensed low voltage wiring contractors.

Above and Beyond: For every project we work on, we exceed expectations. By listening closely to our clients’ specifications and providing custom, hands-on interaction, we stay flexible, even if you decide to take the project in a different direction.

To learn more about our services, get a free quote on your wiring installation or more info, fill out our online form or contact our helpful staff today!