Illuminate your Message for the World to See

At Dalcorp, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality technology to bring you the latest in market innovation. Our digital signage solutions are no exception. Exciting, vibrant, and unique, your business or services will stand out with the variety of flexible digital advertising products we have to offer.

We make this state-of-the-art advertising technique easy and affordable. With our wiring expertise and digital signage resources, we utilize products from brand names such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, ViewSonic, DigitalSignage,com, and Brightsign. Combining these signature products with software-based and cloud management technology, we deliver the perfect digital signage solutions for any company from small businesses to commercial giants.

Be a Show Stopper with Dalcorp Digital Signage Solutions

User-friendly and convenient, digital signs yield lasting high-visibility whenever you need to give your message or brand some extra flare. Dalcorp digital signage installation services are completely customizable and packed with features:

  • Portable players easily display the content you create on any mounted display or kiosk
  • Interactive content applications range from video to live news feeds
  • Control device on player allows you to schedule what content you play and when
  • 1080p hi-def screens for crystal clear quality
  • Wi-Fi compatible units to save on cabling costs
  • A wide variety of digital signage players and creators to fit your specific requirements
  • Professional technicians to consult you and help you design your sign
  • One Year warranty on all products

Your Words, Your Brand – Our Digital Signage Solutions Get You Noticed

In a world cluttered every day by flashy advertisements and technology-based marketing tools, it’s more important now than ever to get your brand to stand out.