Access Control Systems - Places Security in the Hands of Companies

All you need is one powerful access control system to protect an entire company. Dalcorp contractors work with you to assess the infrastructure of your specific building to plan, design, and implement custom security options that provide complete protection of company property, personnel, and profits.

From simple one-door access control to complex multi-door systems, our resources and expertise position us to install the highest-quality access control systems for any commercial or residential facility across a wide range of industries and company sizes.

Dalcorp Access Control System Solutions Deliver Optimal Flexibility and Control

At Dalcorp, we’re specialists in designing, installing, and troubleshooting each access control system. We focus on providing flexible systems that will provide ultimate security for any commercial project or facility. With our products in place, company owners are able to:

  • Monitor access into and from any area or building
  • Control who can access certain areas of a facility and when.
  • Customize entry privileges and automatically lock or unlock doors with ease
  • Utilize single-door or maximum security multi-door systems
  • Establish a safer work environment with all-in-one protection
  • Track real-time access reports to gain critical information and prevent incidents
  • Manage employee time and attendance

Our wide range of system implements include RF controls, keypads, proximity cards, swipe cards, smart cards, and biometric fingerprint technology that can be integrated to further coordinate a company’s internal operations.

Companies Can’t Afford to Overlook Access Control System Installation

While automated security is an invaluable consideration for any company, many avoid installation because of financial concerns. However, our cost conscious services make quality access control system installation possible regardless of your budget.