Dial In to the Latest Communication Technology

Technology moves along at a blinding velocity. From small offices to enterprises, rely on Dalcorp Solutions to keep you in touch. We specialize in digital PBX VoIP (voice-over IP) phone systems, a technological advancement that is rendering analog phones obsolete.

Why are PBX phone systems the better choice? Updated and packed with value-added features, this sophisticated call control platform knocks your old phone system out of range:

Freedom – Compared side by side, traditional phone systems require one license per user, allow limited parallel calls, and only support additional phones owned by the manufacturer. On the other hand, PBX phones require just one license per system, allow unlimited parallel calls, and accept free choice of supported phone brands.

Scalability – Analog systems allow for scalability only through use of additional licenses, but with PBX, you only have to add more phones.

User-Friendly – No expert staff or fancy hardware is required for PBX configuration and installation, and the system supports open interfaces. Analog requires professional techs for configuration, proprietary hardware for installation, and is a closed system.

Dalcorp Solutions Streamlines the Way You Do Business

We present the essential convenience of digital phone systems to you by partnering with three major PBX providers: NexMatrix, Ubiquiti, and Intermedia. Because of our resources and extensive industry experience, we’re able to install precise, digital systems that will double your ROI:

  • The 99.99% uptime guaranteed PBX Servers are packed with value-added features including a constantly updated control panel, IMAP/POP/SMTP support, and proficiency reports generation
  • Intermedia’s PBX solutions include enterprise-grade calling features, a cloud-based control panel, and simple management and scaling options
  • Ubiquiti’s VoIP phone is specially designed with a 5” Android™ touchscreen, Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi capability, and a video camera
  • All systems support your workflow, accelerate superlative service, and provide unified communications
  • Dalcorp products come with a one year-warranty on top of any manufacturer warranties
  • Superlative service and troubleshooting from a qualified, dedicated tech team

Experience efficiency and budget-conscious bliss with the future of digital PBX phones.