WiFi Survey, Design & Installations

In today’s business world, any company not connected via the latest WiFi technologies is left behind. Few system glitches are more frustrating than a slow Internet delaying company communication and productivity. You need a reliable, professional WiFi installer who deploys the latest technology to deliver the fastest connection for optimal performance, security, and compliance.


Whatever the environmental set-up of your building, the wiring professionals at Dalcorp have a product and solution for you. We are also Fluke Air Magnet certified, ensuring that the technologies we use for planning, mobile auditing, and troubleshooting networks are unparalleled.

Dalcorp Solutions WiFi Installer Professionals Provide High Speed Connections with Lightning Fast Service

Specializing in WiFi installation for small business to enterprise clients, our services will bring your system to the forefront of online efficiency:

  • Precise deployment and planning of indoor and outdoor wireless LAN networks
  • Solutions and tools for migrating WiFi networks from existing legacy systems (802.11 a/b/g) to new (802.11n and 802.11ac) with speeds up to 1300MBPS and ranges up to 600 Ft.
  • Fluke Air Magnet certified capabilities allow us to monitor, plan, and troubleshoot WiFi networks from anywhere, any time
  • Reduced costs and IT complications lead to simplified workloads and increased output
  • Access point placement and coverage strategies
  • Speedy technical dispatch and troubleshooting backup
  • Licensed and insured
  • One Year warranty on all WiFi projects

Dalcorp Solutions Inc. focuses on developing WiFi solutions and services to optimize the future success of Chicago-area enterprise companies and corporations. Our wiring contractors have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that every project completed is to your satisfaction.